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How Many Times Can I Get Liposuction

The aesthetic industry is such a big business and you can receive different types of procedures from different aesthetic clinics. An invasive fat removal procedure like liposuction simply leaves permanent changes on your body. This post is a guideline for you to answer the question ” How many times can I get liposuction ?”

A liposuction procedure permanently changes your body naturally. The extraction process that is performed with the help of a cannula is the first step of the removal of your excess stubborn fat cells on your body. And if you should gain some weight after your liposuction procedure, the fat will choose different places to spread through.

However, you can get as many liposuction procedures as you want as your overall health condition and your surgeon allow you to. You should not forget that every single incision performed on your body will permanently leave different sensations even after your full recovery.

Liposuction with Skin Lift

People who suffer from a saggy or droopy skin may want to receive a skin-lift jıb. There are lots of skin-lift types performed in different countries and most of these procedures require little liposuction procedures in order to provide the best results.

For example, let’s talk about the chin-lift surgery. The excess skin on the chin is removed by the surgeon and little liposuction procedures are performed in order to give the best smooth shape to the chin area. After this, the skin is sutured together by the surgeon.

Another example is the famous Brazilian butt lift procedure. Fat from different places of the body is extracted with liposuction and injected on the buttocks area of the candidate in order to give the desired fullness to this area. Multiple areas can be selected by the surgeon for the fat cells that are needed for the butt lift job.

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