Learn More About Liposuction Procedures


Lipofilling is a cosmetic procedure that involves the extraction of fat from several areas of the body with liposuction and injection of this fat on a recipient area of a person. Lipofilling can be used during other aesthetic procedures like a breast-lift job, Brazilian butt lift or breast fat grafting jobs.

Lipofilling is one of the most performed aesthetic procedures and you can see it almost in every fat-injection job. It is used in Brazilian butt lift procedures the most because of the increasing worldwide demand. People are inspired by celebrities and known personalities who undergo Brazilian butt lift procedures. However, these people use the power of the money and get the best procedures ever.

Just like the Brazilian butt lift, breast augmentation or breast fat grafting procedure also requires lipofilling procedures. In order to provide a desired fullness to the breasts, lipofilling is intensively used during a breast augmentation procedure.

Lipofilling During Breast Augmentation

If you are an overweight person, your buttocks or abdominal area is targeted as the donor area in which some excess fat is extracted. The injected excess fat is later injected into the breasts with the proper instrument. The procedure is one of the least complicated and also the safest procedures in the world, so the risk of after-surgery complications is too low.

If you have enough skin elasticity, and good health condition, you are more likely to be qualified for a lipofilling over breasts. After the surgery, you are guaranteed to go back to your home and rest for one day. You can go back to work within two days. It is for your own best not to expose yourself to sunlight because it consists of Xrays and ultraviolets which may leave severe scarring over your liposuctioned and lipofilled areas. Use sunscreens to protect your skin if you are to go outside.

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