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Liposuction And Pregnancy

During pregnancy, a woman’s metabolism and immune system may experience some irregularities. Eating habits, body’s reactions to diseases may change because of pregnancy.

Every type of food and drink that is consumed may affect the baby on the way, so pregnant women are expected to take extra care of themselves. Quitting bad habits like smoking and drinking are the well-known ones done during pregnancy.

However, there are so many people who are wondering if aesthetic procedures can be performed on a pregnant woman. Especially pregnant women are so curious about if liposuction and pregnancy are compatible during or after pregnancy.

Liposuction During Pregnancy

Most of the people already know what should not be done during pregnancy. However, we would like to make it clear one more time, any type of liposuction should strictly be avoided during pregnancy.

Liposuction requires local and general anesthesia before the surgery. This is the most dangerous part when it comes to applying it to a pregnant woman. Force anesthetic state may cause irregular activities on the body and may affect the maturing baby inside.

Any unnatural surgical attempt not only may leave permanent damage to the baby inside but also to the mother. Pregnancy is a hard state to every woman, and it may become even worse when it’s combined with a possible liposuction procedure.

The inevitable complications after liposuction; Swellings, inflammation, bruising become may become so dangerous to the health of both.

However, even it’s rare during or after liposuction surgery, the infection risk is the worst scenario ever. An infection occurred after liposuction on a pregnant woman can be fatal.

Not only aesthetic but also any type of surgeries that involve incisions and anesthetic drug administration could be very dangerous to pregnant women. During the pregnancy, the person should live the healthiest days of her life by watching herself with the utmost care.

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