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Skin Color Changes After Liposuction

Liposuction patients sometimes complain about discoloration after liposuction. Skin color changes after liposuction is a common complication which I do not even want to call a complication. It is one of the least important troubles that a lipo patient could encounter after his / her procedure.

The reason why a lipo patient experiences skin color changes after liposuction is associated with the healing principles of your body. Your skin cells release pigments during the process of healing which may make your skin turn into a darker color.

However, people should see the difference between discolored skin and skin with necrosis. Skin necrosis is one of the worst things that could happen to a lipo patient. Your skin dies after your liposuction procedure because it could not stand the stress of the procedure itself.

However, skin necrosis generally occurs in the incision area of your body. The place where your skin is sutured together is the area where skin necrosis is mostly seen. However, skin discoloration is not a dangerous complication in which doctors do not even give so much attention to getting rid of this problem.

Most doctors tell their patients to leave their body be and continue healing themselves. However, doctors may suggest prescription lotions and creams for you to take care of your skin discoloration problem. There are not cases in which skin discoloration problems went any worse. It’s all about waiting for a little more.

People can be very impatient when it comes to demonstrating their bodies after an aesthetic, cosmetic, or plastic surgery. However, patience is the most important thing after these procedures. It’s just as the other procedures like, Hair transplant patients are not allowed to go outside for some time, rhinoplasty patients are not allowed to smoke and phalloplasty patients are not allowed to have sex…

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