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Uneven Skin After Liposuction

Invasive liposuction remains one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the world. The main reason for such procedures is the dream of better body shape. However, there are things to be done before and after liposuction in order to receive the best results. Bad results like uneven skin after liposuction are seen very often because of several reasons.

Skin dimpling is the worst scenario after getting a liposuction procedure and it kills the purpose of the surgery. The reason for such a result can be both the surgeon or the candidate-based. Here are the most common reasons for a dimpling skin after liposuction:

Reasons For a Dimpling Skin

Fast changes on the patient’s weight: If the person gains or loses too much weight following liposuction, this can result in a dimpling and uneven skin. It is important for patients to maintain weight stability.

Uneven Fat Removal: This is a result of working with an unskilled surgeon. Some unskilled surgeons don’t give the best attention to the surgery and some even don’t prepare an individualized surgery plan. Uneven removal of the fat may result in a dimpling skin.

Cellulite: The person may have cellulite before a liposuction procedure. Getting a lipo surgery on that skin will create a more undesired uneven shape.

Removing Too Much Excess Fat: It is always best to get little liposuction procedures instead of getting one with a larger amount of excess fat is removed. This may interrupt the nature of the body and may cause several abnormal irregularities in the body.

Elasticity: The very first that surgeons ask from a liposuction candidate is he/she has an elastic skin or not. If the person does not have elastic skin, this may cause the liposuction to fail because the surgeon may also fail to remove the excess skin during the liposuction.

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