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Fat Graft After Care

Fat graft is a term used to define the process of transferring some amount of fat from some area of the body to another place. Fat grafting is a common aesthetic method used in procedures like Brazilian but lifts and breast augmentation. Fat grafting is not a highly invasive aesthetic method but since it’s an aesthetic method, there is always a risk of complications. Fat graft after care is one of the most important subjects that people should take into consideration.

Now that you have successfully completed your procedure that involves fat grafting, there are a couple of things you should do during your recovery time. Your body needs to recover itself from its wounds and you should do your best during this time. You must be patient about some situations, if you’re not, you would be sorry because of your fault. There are too many dangerous situations that you may put yourself into if you don’t obey the rules of your surgeon.

What Should Be Done After Fat Grafting

This generally depends on the procedure you’ve taken. For example, if have recently got a Brazilian butt lift procedure, you are not allowed to walk a couple of days. You should wait for your body to get used to the fat cells injected on your buttocks. If you don’t follow this, you may encounter strokes in your blood vessels because the fat may choose to spread through your body.

You should not expose yourself to sunlight for some time. Sunlight has ultraviolet and Xrays which may become dangerous to your surgical areas. Sunlight may leave a scar on your surgical areas which are badly visible. The same thing goes for breast augmentation procedures, too. If you are a patient of a breast augmentation surgery, you should avoid sunlight or apply sunscreen over your surgical areas.

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