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How Long Should You Use Liposuction Corset After Procedure?

Aftercare procedures are the primary factors that have a direct impact on the results of a liposuction procedure. The right foods, fluids, vitamins, and nutrients should be preferred to promote healing after a liposuction procedure. Besides these, wearing a liposuction corset is also essential.

The first thing to consider after a liposuction procedure is to avoid or minimize consuming foods that may cause inflammation. You should also learn how and when to add exercises depending on your body type. If you are bothered by stubborn fat deposits that you cannot get rid of no matter how much you exercise, a liposuction procedure can be the best way to get rid of them permanently. However, you should take care of yourself after a liposuction procedure if you don’t want to return your previous body shape.

Corset Usage After A Liposuction Procedure

Corsets are one of the products you should use after a liposuction procedure. They help the skin to not sag. At the same time, corsets provide shapely healing of free oils in liquid form in the environment. Well, how long should you use corsets, though?

The corset usage period after liposuction should be used for approximately 3 weeks. It is very essential that you wear the liposuction corset, as recommended by your doctor.

Your doctor will let you know when it’s safe to stop wearing bandages and clothing, so don’t rush it. Remember, the liposuction corset will help speed up your recovery as well as reduce swelling and bruising.

You should be very careful during the first two weeks after liposuction. It is necessary to wear the liposuction corset around the clock and to get up and move every few hours. This will help reduce edema and prevent blood clots from forming.

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