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Liposuction Alternatives

Invasive liposuction procedures are the most known fat removal surgery type. When we say ” fat removal surgery ” the standard invasive liposuction is the first thing that comes to mind. However, fat removal procedures can also be performed without open surgery. There are numerous liposuction alternatives that can be more suitable for some people who are troubled with their excess fat.

If a person already speaks of the liposuction procedures, this means that she/he has already tried all or most of the natural melt-out methods. If not, this person really reconsiders his/her thoughts about a possible fat removal procedure. If a person has a chance to melt out his/her excess fat with natural methods like a diet and fitness plan, there is really no need for such a surgical procedure.

There are two main non-surgical fat removal procedures. Laser Lipo and Coolsculpting are the most common non-surgical fat removal procedures. Since they’re not invasive, the risk of complications is very low and people generally return to their work the day after their procedure.

Both of these procedures are quite comfortable, however, it is not possible to remove fat with these procedures as same as invasive lipo can do. Both of these procedures can’t penetrate through more stubborn fat cell build-ups under your skin. Experts claim that up to 1 liters of fat can be destroyed with laser lipo and coolsculpting.

However, it is believed that the standard invasive liposuction can destroy up to 6 liters of fat in a single session. This is what makes liposuction more popular. Most experts claim that it is not a wise thing to push candidates’ bodies with the removal of such a high amount of fat.

What are the advantages of non-invasive liposuction procedures? Why do they prefer these fat removal procedures so much? Here are all the advantages of non-invasive liposuction procedures:

  • Sessions are cheaper and faster
  • The risk of complication is too low
  • Faster and better recovery
  • No scars after procedures
  • Available at most clinics and hospitals

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