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Fat Transfer to Breasts

Most people are obsessed with the fullness of particular areas of their bodies. For example, buttocks, breasts, lips, and even the penis are the body parts in which people want to see a good deal of fullness. However, breasts are noted for the number one body part in which most women undergo augmentation procedures to get the desired amount of fullness on them. Fat transfer to breasts is not a new thing but the number of those who consider getting such procedures has been greatly increasing.

Most augmentation jobs like breast augmentation, penile augmentation, and Brazilian Butt lift procedures have the same surgery principles. Surgeons calculate the required amount of fat cells according to their patients’ demands. These fat cells are extracted from these candidates’ own body. Several parts of the body are used as a fat cell donor area to harvest enough amount of them.

For example, abdominal area is where augmentation surgeons use as donor areas for fat cells. The fat cells extracted from such areas are used on breasts. Surgeons simply inject these fat cells via the locations on breasts marked with dots.

Breast augmentation procedures do not involve implanting medical-grade silicones inside breasts. Silicone implants inside breasts do not provide a natural appearance to the candidates. Most people recognize a silicon implantation job with a single look.

However, breast augmentation aims to provide the best natural look to the breasts. If surgeon manages to inject a good deal of fat cells inside the breasts, it is almost impossible to notice that these breasts underwent an augmentation procedure.

However, there is something bad about breast augmentation procedures. It has happened in the past that some women complained that their breasts lost their fullness after some time. The reason for such a thing is associated with sudden weight-loss or bad diet plans. People should balance their weight, diets, and fitness plans in order to keep the fullness of breasts at the same level.

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