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Liposuction in Turkey After COVID-19 Crisis

Since Turkey has been known as the aesthetic world’s biggest destination in terms of health tourism purposes, the country is now noted for its $3 billion worth of aesthetic industry. Thousands of people used to visit this country, especially it’s the biggest city Istanbul for aesthetic purposes. Even those who would like to get their moles removed preferred Turkey for such purposes. Western people are noted for their high number of the crowd of excess weight people. This means that Turkey had lots of overweigh visitors wishing to get liposuction procedures. However, one can not ignore the fact that liposuction in Turkey after the COVID-10 crisis will be a bit challenging for tourists.

Invasive liposuction can be very complicated and this may make candidates become anxious about Turkish clinics. They may think that thede clinics are not capable of performing such complicated aesthetic procedures for some reason. These reasons are mostly associated with the low prices for liposuction in the country. However, all kinds of aesthetic procedures are cheaper in Turkey. When it comes to making a comparison between Turkish and western clinics, prices for aesthetic procedures in Turkey are almost 5 times cheaper than those in western lands.

Why Lipo Is So Cheap in Turkey? Would It Be Even Cheaper After Coronavirus?

The reason why liposuction in Turkey is so cheap is associated with the value of the country’s currency, Lira. The ish currency was under attack by foreign investors and suffered from a great value loss in 2018. This is the main cause for low prices in liposuction procedures in Turkey.

Operations of aesthetic clinics were suspended for 3 months but they have been allowed to operate by the beginning of June 2020. Once the airlines start their operations, you can visit Istanbul for a cheaper lipo procedure ever because the clinics in Istanbul have been preparing discount packages for tourists in order to make up the financial damage caused by the Coronavirus crisis.

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