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Liposuction Preparation

With the enormous development in the aesthetic industry, the number of methods that are used in fat removal procedures has also increased. However, traditional and invasive liposuction is still one of the most complicated aesthetic procedures in the world and not every person is qualified for it. In order to receive the best liposuction procedure, a couple of things needed to be done as liposuction preparation.

In order to be qualified for an invasive liposuction procedure, a candidate should meet certain requirements. Most surgeons ask for a previous doctor to give their patients medical history logs. This is required for building the best-individualized surgery plan for the patients.

Requirements for Liposuction

The best and healthy results depend mostly on surgeons. An unskilled surgeon is the worst nightmare of aesthetic surgery candidates. Other than that, candidates with diabetes, chronic diseases or serious heart conditions should avoid such invasive aesthetic procedures.

Liposuction is a fat removal method, not a treatment for obesity. The excess fat caused by obesity can be removed with liposuction, however, it does not treat obesity. Obese people should overcome this disease first then get a liposuction surgery if they don’t want to encounter a worse body.

Before a liposuction procedure, the candidate should follow some requirements. The most common things that should be done or not before liposuction surgery are listed as follows:

  • You should clean your hands, legs, and body with extra care
  • You should not smoke or drink alcohol at least two months before your surgery.
  • Alcohol increases dehydration, a good deal of water circulation in your body is the most important that you need before liposuction
  • You should get used to drinking more water than ever. 3 liters of water every day is a good habit, especially before the surgery.
  • If you have a lifetime disease that needs daily medication, you may need to quit taking your medicine for a while before your liposuction surgery.

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