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Swelling After Fat Removal Surgery

It is actually very normal to see swelling after fat removal surgery because it’s an invasive cosmetic procedure after all. There may be several reasons behind swelling after fat removal surgery, however, almost all of them are generally associated with poor post-surgery care.

There are several reasons for swelling on the body but the main reason is mostly associated with the intense movement of the body during recovery. You are supposed to limit your actions and movements during the early days of recovery. It is actually best to stay at home and minimalize your movements.

Once you see that your scabs start showing up, this means that the most dangerous part of your recovery is gone and the swelling is supposed to start disappearing. No matter what happens, you should not interfere with your scabs because you can’t be so sure that they’re done with the healing of your surgical wounds.

If you try to remove your scabs without making sure that it’s the right time for it, you may cause additional swelling and bleeding over your surgical area which is the last thing you may want to see during recovery.

If you realize that your swelling does not seem like it will go away, you should get help from your surgeon. You should not take any medicine or apply any creams and lotions to your swelling area. Such actions without the surgeon’s knowledge may result in even more complications.

You can consult your doctor about your swelling. You can ask for some prescription drugs, creams, and lotions. However, no matter how severe your swelling is, it will go away because there have not been any swelling-based lipo failure cases reported yet.

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