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Inflammation After Liposuction

Liposuction procedures of today are not like how people think they are. It is a fact that people suffered from lipo failures because of unskilled surgeons and poor aftercare of their bodies. Fortunately, lipo candidates of today are more careful and the surgeons are more skilled as well. The risk of lipo failure and complications is very low. However, liposuction is an invasive cosmetic procedure after all and possible complications can be seen during recovery. For example, inflammation after liposuction is a common complication and people really get annoyed when they are hit by it.

There is a common complication called ” swelling “. Swelling is caused by inflammation or the compression garments used after liposuction. This forces your body to reabsorb lymphatic fluids which are supposed to build up under your skin.

Inflammation is actually how your body responds to your liposuction procedure. The redness caused by inflammation is a result of the attacks from your immune system’s cells. The appearance of your liposuctioned area may not be so good because of the inflammation but you do not have to worry about the safety of both liposuction and body health.

There is an important thing that is possibly the main reason for your body to suffer from Inflammation and swelling. Liposuction surgeons warn their patients about their post-lipo period. They should not move their liposuctioned body too often. When they do that, the immune system’s cells try to attack the liposuctioned area and cause swelling and inflammation.

You should not move your body too often so it is always best to stay at home during the early days of the lipo recovery. This early recovery period does take more than a week. This means that you should stay at home during this time to minimalize the possibility of complications like inflammation and swelling.

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