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What Foods Help Recovery After Liposuction

Liposuction recovery time generally depends on the patient’s eating habits. The term ” recovery ” should refer to both not gaining more weight and also healing of the surgical incisions at the same time. Rather than telling you what you should eat during your recovery, we would like to start with the foods that you should avoid consuming first:

  • Sugary Food: Sugar is one of the main reasons for excess fat. If you keep consuming sugar and sugary food as you did before, what you’ve achieved with lipo goes away.
  • Salty Food: Salt consists of lots of sodium which causes inflammation in the body, especially on the incision sides, or inside wounds. You should avoid consuming salty food during the first 4 or 5 months of your recovery.
  • Saturated Fat: This dietary fat type is one of the unhealthiest fats and is solid at room temperature. You should avoid such fat during your entire life, not just after lipo.
  • Alcohol: The first month of your recovery is so important that you should consume healthy water and avoid alcohol. Alcohol causes dehydration in the body. Toxins and other elements taken with the medication are flushed out by consuming water

Since we now know what not to consume after lipo, we should say a few things about what we should eat and drink. For example, if dehydration is something we don’t want to face, this means that we need to consume lots of liquid things, primarily water. Juices are also acceptable, fresh and pure ones are best for your body to prevent dehydration.

Fruits and vegetables should be your highest priority after water. They consist of every element your body needs, and it needs them more after your lipo procedure.

Fish meat is required because it consists of the omega-3 fatty acids and one of the main elements that prevent heart attack. Of course, you should consume every type of meat but fish meat should be your priority during your reconstructive recovery time.

Grains are as important as fruits and vegetables. They consist of lots of minerals and elements that your body needs for its everyday regeneration.

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